At Huaqing Innovation, we lead the way in unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) technology, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aerial innovation. Our foundation rests on the conviction that drones possess the potential to revolutionize industries, transform businesses, and change lives for the better.

We are committed to engineering drones that redefine our reality, ushering in a new era where machines undertake hazardous tasks, preserving lives and minimizing harm.

At HQI, our design philosophy centers on improving human life and work through safer, more efficient, and intelligent solutions. We integrate cutting-edge algorithms into our drones to significantly enhance autonomy, empowering them to revolutionize various industries with unparalleled levels of automation. Our mission is to pioneer technologies that transcend boundaries, ensuring a safer, more sustainable future for all.

R&D Team

Innovation stands as the paramount driving force propelling us towards the future of advancement

Our research and development team is dedicated to integrating artificial intelligence technology into the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), driving continuous innovation. With extensive experience and professional capabilities, we strive to develop intelligent and autonomous UAV systems to meet evolving market demands. Comprised of members from top-tier universities, renowned corporations, and research institutions, our team is committed to addressing challenges in the UAV field. Our vision is to lead the UAV industry by providing high-quality, high-performance products and solutions, and fostering innovation and development.

Through our proprietary facilities and strategic partnerships with leading universities, we have access to premier resources, including precision machining workshops with sub-micron accuracy, radio frequency labs, environmental testing labs, wind tunnel labs, artificial intelligence labs, dedicated testing sites, and other comprehensive infrastructures. This robust foundation empowers us to realize our vision and provide world-class drone systems and solutions to customers globally.